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CareerSpace Uniting Australia

Helping people find jobs, during coronavirus crisis.

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job seekers

If you lost your job due to the virus outbreak, search our job listings or create a profile on CareerSpace so an employer can find you.




Be a mate post a job – FREE job listings for businesses on CareerSpace – your job will help the Australians affected by the virus.




Coronavirus is affecting all of us, if you think you can help, please see CareerSpace community posts related to help requests.



help me

Have you lost your job or business due to the coronavirus outbreak? Post your skills and qualifications so employers can find you.

Our Mission

Unite the Australian workforce during this times of crisis is our top priority

The Australian Government is doing everything it can to stabilise our economy and avoid recession. When the last recession 2007 – 2009 hit Australia our economy was strong, and our mining sector was booming. Australia was one of the few countries lucky enough to keep afloat during those times. Comming 2020, our economy is not doing well, and the coronavirus (COVID-19) pushed our government in uncharted territories.

As businesses close and more and more Australians face unemployment due to the coronavirus outbreak, CareerSpace decided to help as much as we can by providing a free service that will help connect employers with job seekers.

The CareerSpace platform will give a voice to those in desperate need of help, be it emotional help, financial help or medical help we will try and engage the private sector to step up and help those in need.

  • Free emotional support, please check our volunteer counsellors page
  • Free financial advice, please check our banking and finance page
  • Are you looking for qualified workers, free job listing available
  • You want to help; contact us so we can connect you with those in need
  • Lost your job, create a profile or check our job listing page

You want to help?

If you want to help those affected by the coronavirus, please use our contact form and send us a message with your details and a short description of the support you can offer.

Does your business need help?

Is your business currently affected by the coronavirus, are you in need of more staff or you need help managing the current staff while working remotely. The CareerSpace team is here to provide advice and guidance.

Volunteering in Australia

A good example is the “Adopt a Healthcare Worker” it shows the true Australian spirit that unites us all. Are you able to offer some volunteer help during the coronavirus outbreak contact us.

How to keep safe?

How can I help to slow the spread of the virus? Stay at home, avoid unnecessary trips, wash hands with soap and hot water or use a sanitising gel. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth before cleaning your hands.

How to work from home?

Make your home ready for a home office.

If your work can be done remotely and your company allows it, here are a few tips you should know to help with your transition.

  • you will need a computer, laptop or tablet
  • you will need a stable internet connection
  • you will need a phone preferably VOIP
  • you will need an ergonomic chair
  • your room to be considered a safe work place